Website & forum rules

  • Website & forum rules

    1.1 Forum language is English only. Posting in any other language than English, is not allowed.

    1.2 Nonsense and off-topic

    Content which is off-topic or nonsense is not tolerated.

    1.3 Copy-paste

    Copy-pasting, meaning posting identical message/post across threads, is not allowed.

    1.4 Topic & section symmetrics

    Posting content to wrong section is not allowed. Make sure that you post content which fits the section in question. Furthermore, posting content that already exists, is not tolerated - use the search function before creating a topic that you may think already is posted.

    1.5. Inappropriate content

    Content that may be pornographic(of any sort) and/or NSFW(not safe for work), is not allowed.

    1.6 Personal attacks/harassments

    Harassing other users in any shape or form is not tolerated.

    1.7 Advertisement

    Posting private or commercial advertisements to deliberately gain traction to your website or misc. business, is not allowed.

    1.8 Backseat moderating

    Acting like a staff member("backseat moderating)to take matters into your hand, is not a tolerated behavior.

    1.9 Multi-account

    You are only allowed to have one(1) account on RandomCheats.

    The forum rules may change from time to time without any warnings - be extra wary of this topic and check it out frequently. Some exceptions may be applied to the rules.

    Note: I am (ChickenWeed) the only one who gives out invites or trusted ranks, if someone is trying to sell you invites, ranks or a product he is probaly scamming. Please instant report scammers, by reporting their profile or writing a support ticket!

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